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Letter to the editor: Marine trades offer real jobs

As is the case sometimes during election season, blanket statements can be made that dismiss a whole class of people.

My husband and I own a commercial fishing vessel, and have been coming to the Boat Haven for 10 years now, to haul-out and consult with the expert shipwrights Port Townsend is famous for.

About four years ago, I was offered a job in the Boat Haven, and I’ve loved working and living here. It’s a wonderful community of craftspeople, and businesses. I have a good job, with benefits, including medical and retirement. To hear folks in the Marine Trades being dismissed as tailgaters and “shed-boys” seems elitist and patronizing.

I am voting for a candidate for port commissioner that knows the value of these jobs, and the importance of the waterfront to the identity of Port Townsend. I’m voting for Pam Petranek because she’s right here in the yard, supporting us, and helping preserve an industry that makes Port Townsend remarkable. Thank you!

Diana Clausen

Port Townsend

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