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Letter to the editor: Petranek for port future

Preserving our working waterfront is the best long-term investment in Port Townsend’s future.

With many years of first-hand experience in the marine trades, Pam Petranek is committed to supporting and expanding these businesses that create jobs that are so critical to the Port’s success, Jefferson County’s economy and the future of this beautiful and unique town. Pam Petranek embraces stewardship of the waterfront as critical to the essence of Port Townsend, our shared sense of place, heritage, and community. She is committed to protecting our public shoreline and affordable access to the water and the port’s facilities and services.

Talking to Pam, I sensed her dedication to transparency and collaboration, and her desire to include all stakeholders in the decision-making process. She pledges to grow awareness of the crucial role marine businesses and a thriving port have in sustaining our economy, community, environment, and future. Let’s keep the “Port” in Port Townsend. Join me in voting for Pam Petranek on Nov. 5.

Anna Young

Port Townsend

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