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Letter to the Editor: Petranek for the port

These days are full of fake news and misrepresentations to promote an agenda of a few; this includes the local politics around the election of a new commissioner for the Port of Port Townsend.

But it is time, to see through this and use your vote for the common good of our community. Knowing the facts are far more powerful and useful, then disinformation. I believe we have the power to install a collaborative voice in this position and one that has shown strong abilities in many different ways throughout our community. Being heard in all three districts, working with positivity and shared enthusiasm is just part of the job. Knowing the budget, the expenditures, the expense of deferred maintenance at all of the Port holdings are real. These issues will only be resolved by those with a true vested interest in making things work for all tax payers. This is the Port for all Jefferson County; a rural working community that needs good paying Jobs and contributions to our tax base, so your taxes can remain low, for those who are no longer working. For every one dollar from property taxes received by the port, the community receives five dollars in tax revenues back to our county. The marine trades are 20% of the work force and are not the only players on the team, but our working waterfront is vital in many ways that affect the quality of life of those through out the county who work and live here. I will be voting for Pam Petranek for Port Commissioner.

Thank you,

Peter R. Langley

Port Townsend Foundry LLC

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