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Letter to the editor: Petranek good for Port

I am writing to endorse Pam Petranek for the position of Port of Port Townsend Port Commissioner.

It has been my good fortune to work in the Marine Trades in Port Townsend as a shipwright and business owner since 1979. In my 40 years of experience Pam is a rare combination of a good heart, a keen intelligence, and a real willingness to work for the good of the Port. She played a crucial role in establishing a vastly improved relationship between the Marine Trades and the Port Administration. She organized the Marine Trades team that helped the Port adjust rates for boat storage and haul out fees that made us competitive with other ports in our region. She was instrumental in the Marine Trades contribution to a new lease policy that gives Port business tenants long term stability in a mutually acceptable environment with the Port. Pam has engaged the City, County and community to collaborate in solving the Port's problems.

Pam was central to the conception and implementation of the Marine Trades Economic Impact Statement. That document is the only quantified assessment of the contribution of the Maine Trades to Jefferson County. It reveals that the Marine Trades create, directly or indirectly, one out of five jobs in the County, and contribute 5.8 million dollars of tax revenue to the County and City annually.

The next best step to meeting the challenges facing the Port of Port Townsend is to elect Pam Petranek to the position of Port Commissioner. We need her focus on evidence based policy, her ability to draw together effective coalitions, and her talent for creating solutions rather than stand offs.

Ernie Baird


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