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Letter to the editor: Port & marine trades are partners

Dear Editor,

The “Stranglehold on Port” letter implied that the Marine Trades Association produced the The Marine Trades Economic Impact Study. They did commission it to be produced by well-respected Martin Associates who have used their methodology “to estimate the economic impacts of seaport activity at public and private marine terminals of more than 800 US and Canadian ports”. If you read the study, you will see their processes and conclusions.

The report says there are 1,154 direct jobs in the marine trades cluster in Jefferson County, not 405 as stated in the letter. That includes “boat building and repair, marinas and recreational boating, commercial fishing and seafood processing, and maritime education and training, marine passenger and charter services, and government.”

The letter seems to suggest that the port breakwater should not be fixed due to sea level rise. So much for being a port, I guess. Just hope it doesn’t breakup when Point Hudson is full of expensive vessels during Wooden Boat Festival… or maybe we should just cancel that event.

The Port of Port Townsend and the marine trades are partners, not adversaries. All for one and one for all??

I am voting for Pam Petranek. She has been going to port meetings for years, testifies at public hearings to help find creative solutions, knows how to read a budget, is smart, and really cares.

Jackie Aase

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