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Letter to the editor: Port should earn revenue

At the League of Women Voters debate, the difference between the two candidates’ agendas was striking. Pam Petranek stands for meticulous management of overhead expenses and a sincere desire to elicit the good counsel of the community. She understands that the present Port crisis is the result of fifteen years of poor financial management by the previous director and his refusal to listen to constructive public suggestions. Her opponent’s central theme is that because of climate change and rising sea level, we should abandon the Port’s infrastructure crisis and invest in county-wide waste water treatment. The last thing the Port needs is to invest money in projects that earn no revenue. Dredging, ramps, jetties, bulkheads, aged docks, building roofs and work yard surfaces are all deteriorating. Funding these infrastructures at Boat Haven, Point Hudson and Quilcene with limited financial resources requires the undivided focus of the Port Commission. The Port understands the demands of the rising sea level. The old policies of building new structures with 60 life spans have given way to less expensive repairs that allow adaption to future climate remediation. Ms Petranek has been attending Port meetings for 4 years and has been part of that discussion. She has helped champion the change from replacing to repairing the Port Hudson jetty. Some people believe that the Port’s fate is only a District One issue. In reality the entire county depends on marine access to our waters. Vote for Pam Petranek, or change our entrance sign to "Welcome to Port Townsend: a Victorian Waste Water Treatment Center”. Bertram Levy

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