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A herculean effort to serve the whole county

Dear Editor,

In a feat applaudable by any fan of participatory Democracy, the Marine Trades Association commissioned an economic impact study conducted by Martin & Associates, an internationally respected organization.

The study quantifies direct and indirect/attributed jobs supported by the marine trades. Just the 1,154 direct Marine Trades jobs make up 9.8% of all jobs in Jefferson County. The top 4 employers in the Seattle Metro area make up 9.6% of the total jobs (203,000). What if Boeing, JBLM, Microsoft, and the UW closed their doors?

Currently 96% of the Port’s revenue is derived from the water-based properties. Most of that is from the lease payments from Marine Trades Businesses and their customers.

Wastewater Treatment is an important and valuable endeavor that should be engaged by the whole community City, County, Port State & Federal governments. Perhaps another leg on the “stool of economic development” but it does not make sense to cut off a leg that works in the hopes that another will materialize. Hope is not a strategy.

Pam Petranek has evolved from a “should I could I” observer like the rest of us into an engaged and committed candidate. She understands the symbiotic relationship of the Port and Marine Trades. She has made a herculean effort to seek out input and consensus beyond the waterfront. Pam recognizes the impact of the Port and its efforts on the whole County. She is that rare citizen who sees a need and steps into the breech to go above and beyond to serve the whole community.

It saddens me to see a good and fairly waged campaign turn into an effort to divide by creating Us versus Them camps. Haven’t we had enough of that? Please join me in voting Yes on Proposition 1 and Pam for Port Commissioner District 1.

Chris Bakken Partner & General Manager SEA Marine

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