Working Waterfront


Maritime Legacy

"Apropos of 27 crates: Maritime Legacy is our future,"

reprinted with permission of The Leader, written by Dean Miller

Furnaces will still roar and ingots of bronze will be made molten and cast by skilled and fairly-paid foundry-workers into the blocks, boom vangs and cleats by which ancient engineering harnesses wind to carry legendary boats across oceans.

If we do this right, sawyers, earning a living wage, will go on running rough lumber through whining, clanking, dusty saws and planers. We’ll hear music in that noise and we’ll celebrate, not complain. Shipwrights who sleep in their own homes here in town will rise to lock vast beams and planks into steam boxes and coax them into the graceful skeletons we admire as we pass the jumble of reconstructed and deconstructed dream boats resting on the hard.



What: Campaign Rally - With Speakers and Music

When: Thursday, May 23, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Where: Pope Marine Building, Port Townsend Waterfront

Pam Petranek has a strong response when people ask her why she is running for the District 1 Port of Port Townsend Commissioner position, “To support the strength and vitality of our maritime trades, our shared maritime heritage, our environment, and living wage jobs for this and future generations - and to insure that our Port facilities remain

accessible to the residents of Jefferson County.” Pam has also learned how critically important financial wellness is to the Port and she notes, “I will also ensure that sound financial management practices are in place, so that we can make decisions using timely and accurate information.”

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