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Letter to the Editor: You should care about the port

You should care about the port.

I am often asked; “Why should I care about the Port of Port Townsend? I don’t own a boat or a plane so it isn’t important to me.” Short answer is that it is our public resource, not unlike our schools or roads and it belongs to all the citizens of Jefferson County.

The Port owns property in Gardiner, Hadlock, Mats Mats, Quilcene and Port Townsend that allows waterfront access to anyone. It also owns the airport. Without the port authority’s protection, acres and acres would no doubt have been developed long ago into private homes.

Private versus public. We need public land and all pay property taxes to support this resource. I pay less than $12 per year: a bargain.

But we need to assure citizen oversight, so we should all vote for our best possible representative.

Pam Petranek is a candidate for port commissioner position #1 this year. Pam is fiercely committed to; transparency in government, genuine collaboration with the county, city and community and ensuring the port always works for the triple bottom line. I believe she will help guide the commission judiciously, creatively and with aplomb.

Please vote for Pam Petranek for solid leadership and a breath of fresh air.

Diana Talley

Port Townsend

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