About Pam

Pam’s Bio

• Lifelong Washington resident

• Jefferson County resident since 2006

• Bachelor of Arts in Education, Western Washington University

• USCG Master License

• Commercial Fisherman

I am a commercial fisher woman, an advocate for Jefferson County Marine Trades, a sailing captain and a teacher. I have enjoyed a lifetime of living, working, and playing on the waters of the Pacific Northwest. I have three grown children, am a bicycle-riding marketing and sales person for Cape Cleare Fishery, and am working with my life partner to restore a commercial sailing fishing troller.

Pam’s Leadership

I have spent the past several years preparing myself to serve as your Port Commissioner. I want to continue with the recent changes at the Port and build a collaborative team of staff and citizens to guide the Port of Port Townsend onward.

I know how the Port functions and have positive working relationships with Port staff and Port Commissioners. I’ve been attending Port meetings over the past few years, and have testified at many public hearings on behalf of marine trades. I am excited to bring my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to the Commission.

Here are just a few examples of my community leadership:

• Secretary, Port Townsend Marine Trades Association (2016-present)

• Co-Coordinator of 2018 Jefferson County Marine Trades Economic Impact Study

• Citizen advocate for an accountable, accessible and sustainable Port